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Current Issues & Points of interest

In endeavouring to communicate issues/events as quickly as possible to the community we will draw attention to any urgent matters that arise here as well as including them in their respective sections, this will avoid having to scroll through each area of interest.


Important information from Powys CC vis a vis Severn Trent Water and future supplies

Severn Trent Water and Dee Valley Water have proposed changing their licences to amend their areas using the New Appointment and Variations (NAV) process. This means that some customers in the Powys area who are currently supplied by Severn Trent Water would see their supplier change to Dee Valley Water. Ofwat are minded to approve these applications but are currently out for consultation which closes on 10.1.18. The full background, details of the process, impact on customers and recommendations are available in the attached document.

 Document can be found here - please be aware this is a 75 page document

[Last Updated  23 Dec 2017]   

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Please click here for more information related to some job vacancies that may be of interest to our community

Advertisements will appear here when made known to Manafon Community Council


[Last Updated  06 Nov  2017]   

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Broadband and Mobile Coverage - Updates

Jan 2018 - 2 updates related to Superfast broadband, click on links for more information, Fast Fibre Update and Issues 1Fast Fibre Update and Issues 2

Dec 2017 - Hold the front page……. 

We have had reports that some residents are now able to receive ultrafast fibre to the premises broadband in Manafon. It looks like several properties the length of the valley are now today showing as having access to the fast service, the properties are random in their locations and post codes but  will keep a check over next few days to monitor progress. I would encourage residents to check their individual circumstances by visiting the Openreach checker

Dec 2017 - very disappointing information from Openreach, click here to view 

Nov 2017 - Rumour has it that the installation is almost complete and some testing is happening

Oct 13 2017 - The Clerk had noticed a number of disparities when using BT Openreach web site to obtain status reports on availability, this was the response from them "There has been some changes to the FTTP journey on the website in that it will miss out the various stages between "in Scope" and "accepting orders" the time frames between these stages are variable and was causing confusion so these stages no longer apply to FTTP"

Oct 2017 - Latest information from BT Openreach 11th October is roll out expected end November

Aug 2017 - Montgomery Broadband Summit meeting click on link for full update from that meeting

July 2017 - Further update received from BT Openreach is that October is the likely roll-out date.

July 2017 - Manafon CC are pursuing 4 avenues of potential for securing mobile coverage, will update as developments arise

[Last Updated  10 Jan 2018]   

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Bypass Scheme - Updates

No updates at present for traffic information during construction please use these links - 

Traffic Updates

You can find out about local traffic disruptions due to this project on the Powys County Council website (external link). Information about disruptions on our trunk roads can be found on the Traffic Wales website (external link).

[Last Updated  13 Oct 2017]                                                                                                                                                                                       Go to top

Communications General

The Council receive regular updates from external sources often containing useful information, these will be displayed here.

Oct 2017 - CaePost Newsletter October 2017

Jul 2017 - Campaign for the protection of rural Wales - Montgomeryshire Newsletter Jul 2017


[Last Updated  13 Oct 2017]      

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Dyfed-Powys Police - general information and notices

We are going to publish regular press releases from Powys-Dyfed police here.

Click here for the latest newsletter 

PCSO attended our August meeting and the notes from that meeting are attached to the draft minutes for August, PCSO also introduced us to the 'Gate tag scheme' to assist landowners, click on link for more details - Gate Tag Flyer

Police and Crime Commission Precept Letter

[Last Updated  10 Dec 2017]    

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Energy updates

Energy companies provide information from time please also see local notice boards for current information - for latest information click SP Energy Networks Winter Bulletin

[Last Updated  10 Jan 2018]   

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Flix in the Stix

Details of new films showing in Welshpool, also see local notice boards for current information - for latest showing click here 

[Last Updated  10 Jan 2018]   

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Fund Raising Initiatives

No current information

[Last Updated 25 Apr 2017]

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Health Issues, includes information on screening, newsletters from the NHS, Community Health Council etc

There is a great deal of news related to health and provision of services in the Montgomery area, we will endeavour to keep everyone up to date with information as we receive it. The links for information on screening & NHS general information can now be found in the archive folder.

Powys Community Health Council have published their meeting schedule for 2017/2018 which the public are invited to attend, please click here for details 

Poster depicting Health & Care In Powys , click here for more information Health & Care In Powys At A Glance

Powys Health and Care Strategy

Please find below the draft Powys Health and Care Strategy which was published on 25th January 2017 for a period of engagement until 21st February 2017. Powys Teaching Health Board and Powys County Council are looking to encourage people to find out more from a dedicated webpage at

Note that these are the main headline materials but alongside this you will find on the website a set of supporting materials.  This includes a suite of 21 two-page summary briefings covering issues such as Heart Health, Carers, Respiratory Conditions and more.  Some people may feel more comfortable engaging around their experience of a particular condition or life experience, rather than around the more general principles within the Draft Strategy.

Some of the related information can be found by clicking on the links below:-

Powys Health And Care Strategy Announcement

Media Announcement Health and Care Strategy 

Draft Health And Care Strategy 

NHS CHC Dementia

NHS CHC Dementia 2 

MPs debate A&E change fears for Powys patients - click here to see the news - A&E change fears for Powys patients

Future meeting dates published by Powys Community Health Board, click here for information Powys Community Health Council Schedule of Meetings

Community Health and Wellbeing 

PAVO Health and Well Being

[Last Updated  23 Jul 2017]   

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Highways issues/updates/road works etc.

Manafon Community Council endeavour to ensure that our local highways are fit for purpose and we regularly report issues to Powys CC Highways department. To ensure these issues are attended to we maintain a log to ensure matters are dealt with by Powys CC highways department, click here to view current log / latest information -

Highways Log 2017

[Last Updated 10 Jan 2018]    

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Mid Wales Fire & Rescue Service

We are going to publish any press releases received from Mid Wales Fire & Rescue Service that might be of interest to our community, such publications will be listed here:

Newsletter Autumn 2017

Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service Roadshow Poster

Strategic Plan and Improvement Plan

[Last Updated 06 Nov 2017]  

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Natural Resource Wales

For access to NRW web site click here for more information NRW Website, click here for latest newsletter from NRW - Natural Resources Bulletin 'what we do'

[Last Updated 5 Dec 2016]     

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Newtown By Pass Update

For the latest update on progress please click here for the latest newsletter from Russell George - Bypass Update Jan 2018

[Last Updated 15 Jan 2018]     

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Planning Application Updates Manafon /New Mills Parish

We are going to publish regular updates on planning applications which are applicable within our area,  any subsequent updates will also be published. The planning monitor will detail all current planning applications and their progress.

Updates on specific applications will be accessible here, click here to access the updated monitor - Planning Monitor, to view applications in more detail please go to the planning portal on Powys CC web site, link - Planning Portal and follow the on screen instructions.

[Last Updated  13 Oct 2017]   

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Powys County Council - general information and press releases

We are going to publish regular press releases from Powys County Council that might be of interest to our community, such publications will be listed here:

A number of articles issued by Powys CC please click on the links for more information:-

Jan 2018

Powys Newsline Latest


Dec 2017

Christmas Recycling

Powys Recycling Update

Powys Investment For Roads

Festive Fraudsters

Lets Talk Turkey

Grants Grass Roots Sports

Recycling Update 

Consultation Motorcycle Accidents


Nov 2017

Powys Newsline Latest

Volunteers Needed To Survey Walking Routes

Driver Theory Refresher Workshops 

Have Your Say Strategic Schools Document

Apprenticeship Scheme


Oct 2017

Powys CC 2018-2019 Provisional budget reaction

Waste Collection Rounds To Be Improved

Grants For Grassroots Sports

Discovery Week At Powys Libraries

Pass Plus Courses Available For Young Drivers

Powys CC Archives

Road Safety Courses Available For Motorcyclists

Welshpool Food Business Fined

Woodland Trails Volunteers

Plan To Improve Mobile Connectivity In Wales

Superfast Update September 2017

Recycle Week


Sep 2017

New opening times and permit information for Household waste recycling centres

Mature Driver Refresher Training


July 2017

Driver Training

Community Grants

Use Recycling Banks Properly

 January to May can be found in Archives 

[Last Updated  10 Jan 2018]   

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Please click on the links for more information

Dec 2017

Recycling Update

Christmas Recycling 

Nov 2017


Recycling update

Oct 2017

Waste Collection Rounds To Be Improved

Recycle Week

CaePost Newsletter October 2017

Sep 2017 

New opening times and permit information for Household waste recycling centres

Aug 2017

Results of Russell George AM residents survey on state of recycling in Powys

Household recycling centres in Welshpool and Newtown to open longer 

July 2017 

Powys Council need residents to use recycling banks properly

For general recycling information follow these links 

A new refuse and recycling collection service facility has been launched on the Powys Council website which enables residents to enter their postcode, select their address and then be provided with a list of future refuse and recycling collection dates.

This new search facility can be found on the ‘Bin Collection’ page, Check your collection day here 

For the full article from Powys CC click here     New Refuse Recycling Collection Search Facility

Recycling Plastic Film Waste

[Last Updated  17 Dec 2017]      

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Road Closures

There are no known closures currently

[Last Updated 11 Oct 2017]    

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Russell George AM 

Regular updates and local news from Russell George AM can be found here when available - January Newsletter

To access the Russell George website for all current news and campaigns click here

[Last Updated  15 Jan 2018]    

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Severn Trent Water

Since the meeting with STW in September the Council have been provided with more information if any local residents want the option of being connected to the mains sewerage system in the future. STW advised that residents need to lodge their interest sooner rather than later as STW will need to take such requests into consideration when progressing the development. The Council are only the facilitators of this information and any further information and assistance can be secured by approaching STW, Manafon Community Council cannot be of any more assistance other than making this information available to residents.

The information and documents pertaining to this option can be accessed here:

  1. STW Customer Guidance
  2. STW First Time Sewerage Section 101A Application Form
  3. STW Guidance Notes For Providing A Public Sewer Or Lateral Drain

[Last Updated 13 Oct 2017]    

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